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ISOSPEED promotes the winners of tomorrow, because supporting young talents is something that we deeply believe in. We sponsor the Junior Circuit for all youngsters under 18 who are interested in competing. Each year, we support the ten best players of each agegroup through special programs. We outfit Austrian team players such as Juergen Melzer and Niki Hofmanova with strings. Our strings are internationally utilized, among others, by Tomas Tenconi, Radim Urbanek and Jarmila Gajdosova. And we took our players all the way to the top – as in the cases of Stefan Koubek, Sybille Bammer, Horst Skoff, Barbara Schett, Gilbert Schaller and Thomas Muster, who took the ATP Tour‘s Number 1 world ranking in 1996 using ISOSPEED strings.

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