Grey Fire

High level of Control - Grey Fire

Developed with tour players.

Grey Fire

Like Black Fire, Grey Fire was developed with tour players. This string offers top control in addition to outstanding ball acceleration (Spring Load) and low tension loss. Low Friction-Technology enhances your game with additional spin. Triple Heating ensures comfortable feedback and arm protection.

Technical Details

Gauge: 1.25 mm; 1.30 mm
Length: 12 m; 200 m
Color: grey


Surface: Liquid Wax-Coating
Core: Polyester Compound, monofilament

Stringing Tips

Best Suited For

Normal and tight string tension
Normal and small head size (1.25 mm)
Normal and closed string pattern (1.25 mm)
Normal and large head size (1.30 mm)
Normal and open string pattern (1.30 mm)