Optimal Acceleration & Arm Protection - Professional

Minimized tension loss.


The Professional model is based on a natural gut string, the string consists of ISOSPEED Power Ribbons which are used both for the core and for the surface coating. The surface coating is heat-sealed in order to increase its life expectancy; the Power Ribbons can move freely within the core. Pre-stretched multifilaments minimize loss of tension. The result: very good ball acceleration with optimal arm protection.

Technical Details

Gauge: 1.20 mm
Length: 12 m; 200 m
Color: natural


Surface: Polypropylene, heat-sealed Power Ribbons
Core: Polypropylene, Power Ribbons, Polyamide-Fibres
Pre-stretching: Core

Stringing Tips

Best Suited For

Normal string tension
Normal and small head size
Normal and closed string pattern