high level of acceleration & control - Energetic

highly elastic polyester & polyamide fibers.


The surface of the Energetic model consists of heat-sealed, highly elastic Power Ribbons. The multifilament (consisting of several fibers) core forms a mixture of highly elastic polyester and polyamide fibers that can overlap, thereby giving the string a high level of ball acceleration and excellent control.

Technical Details

Gauge: 1.20 mm; 1.30 mm
Length: 12 m; 200 m
Color: gold


Surface: Polypropylene, heat-sealed Power Ribbons
Core: Co-Polyester and Polyamide, multifilament, pre-stretched
Pre-stretching: Core

Stringing Tips

Best Suited For

Low string tension
Normal and small head size (1.20 mm)
Normal and closed string pattern (1.20 mm)
Normal and large head size (1.30 mm)
Normal and open string pattern (1.30 mm)